Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center | Hall: A

August 4-6, 2022

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Sell More to Existing Customers

August 4, 2022 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Classroom: 103C

You could be earning additional revenue from your current customers with the help of ASI. For over 70 years, ASI has helped businesses earn additional revenue by selling promotional products as an added revenue stream. By connecting you with a network of 2,800 wholesale suppliers, you can easily order the imprinted products your customers are buying. In this session, ASI will teach you how to easily get started selling promotional products to your current customers so you can become the ultimate one stop shop for all their marketing needs. Come learn how you can get started earning 35% profit on additional orders – no equipment or inventory needed.


Considered “higher learning,” these classes will take a deep dive into advanced techniques and/or the business aspect of running a graphics shop as it applies to the type of shop being run, i.e., apparel decoration, sign making or personalization product production.
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