Print on Purpose – How to Start and Grow a Successful Print Business

September 23, 2021 |  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Print on Purpose is a course designed to help you build your printing business, even in the most challenging times.

This course will feature three sessions designed to give you a foundation to launch and grow your business, leverage the most popular technologies so you can print on purpose (and be profitable) and finally how to protect and promote your business in challenging times.


Session 1 – Business Boot Camp

Learn important and often overlooked building blocks for every successful business. If you are just “looking for something”, start here. If you are operating your business, there will be some great information and resources to help you take a closer look and identify areas to improve. We will share with you some great resources to “sharpen the saw” and prepare your business for growth.


Session 2 – Printing on Purpose

Signs – “Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign” is a great lyric but an even greater profit center for your business. In this session you will learn the various signage technologies, understand how to build a truthful ROI and understand TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) so you can make informed decisions. You will see real world examples of how small business owners are using the latest technology from Epson, HP and Vanguard to grow their local market and samples of products they are creating that are causing quite a buzz.

Shirts and More – The apparel market is exploding but why stop at t-shirts? In this session we will cover some of the coolest films on the market. Even though many people start their business with heat transfer vinyl, we will show you why you should never abandon it. From there we will take a close look at apparel and the Epson direct to garment printers. Learn the number one reason people quit printing shirts and how you can avoid their mistakes. And then finally, we will walk you through some of the specialty applications like printing hats, shoes, bags and many other profitable items.

Dr. Dye Sublimation – Epson has finally taken the nightmare out of dye sublimation and made it easy, affordable and predictable to build a thriving business centered around dye sublimation. We will take a close look at getting started, featuring the Epson F170 and its big brother the F570. From there we will show you how our customers have grown into other exciting business segments and moved into more commercial and industrial printing applications. If they can do it so can you. In 2020, we helped hundreds of individual and families start their very own profitable business in challenging times, and we will share some of their stories with you.


Session 3 – Ease on Down the Road

Hear from industry experts that will help you better understand how to leverage technology, engage social media platforms, debunk some myths about websites and take control of your business. You will learn proven techniques to immediately put into practice that will improve your business sales and marketing efforts. You will leave this course with clear, action items to know what your next step needs to be and how to take that step. This will be your year of breakthrough in your business.


Please note: There will be a short stretch break between sessions and a mid-day break to allow for a short lunch and networking opportunity on your own with other attendees.


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