New Opportunities in LED Sign Retrofits

July 15, 2021 |  1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

LED retrofit opportunities are abundant in the sign & graphics industry. An LED retrofit consists of removing old internal lighting components in sign cabinets and channel letters, and replacing them with more updated, cost-effective and durable LED solutions.

This class session will consist of three (separate) 30-minute sessions that are hosted by leading industry experts. The three sections of this series will focus on:

  1. What is an LED retrofit?
    • Basic components of cabinets, faces, lighting options, transformers, and safety.
  1. Why is this important?
    • Energy savings, environmental contributions, possible tax credits.
  1. How do you get into LED retrofits?
    • Identifying target markets and selling LED retrofits.


**Disclaimer: This session is intended to be an educational and informative class that allows attendees to (1) learn about this opportunity and (2) learn how to sell it to clients. There are several safety components involved in LED retrofits that need to be addressed by a licensed electrician.           


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