Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Convention Center | Hall: C2

September 16-17, 2022

All Events / GPX Charlotte, NC / Engraving Photographs: Intermediate, with Jason & Deanna Ramm

Engraving Photographs: Intermediate, with Jason & Deanna Ramm

September 17, 2022 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Laser engraving is ever changing, but engraving photographs remains THE HOTTEST trend! This session will explore the next steps in engraving on new media and how to help your customer choose the medium that best fits their needs.



Jason & Deanna Ramm – What happens when a police officer/paramedic and project manager/corporate bad-ass get together? An amazing laser engraving business, of course! After serving the public and in various corporations, Jason and Deanna Ramm knew they had to take what they learned, and do better. Having owned a number of successful businesses, this dynamic duo works every day to take that history and experience to make Centex Laser Engraving in Hutto, Texas, a company of true integrity, and one that can help spread the good they do, to the world.

Considered “higher learning,” these classes will take a deep dive into advanced techniques and/or the business aspect of running a graphics shop as it applies to the type of shop being run, i.e., apparel decoration, sign making or personalization product production.
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